As part of TAL, we provide legal advisory services for entrepreneurs.

We help our customers to achieve their business objectives by providing maximum security and protection.

Ongoing advisory / Corporate governance

- We advise on choosing the business form tailored to the needs. - We provide ongoing support of entrepreneurs, including commercial partnership or companies. - We perform transformations of commercial entities, and where appropriate, we carry out the process of liquidation. - Under an ongoing advice, we support businesses in using their voices, evaluation of all projects related to their activities in terms of law and tax.

Transaction advisory / Venture Capital / Private equity

- For our clients, we advise in the field of transactions. - We perform legal, tax and financial analyses and structure the transactions. - We advise entrepreneurs in selecting the most convenient form of financing. - We create, give opinions and negotiate investment agreements, as well as other contracts related to the investment process. - We also cooperate at the stage of execution of contracts and advise in the event of a dispute over their implementation.


We have experience in supporting clients during judicial, administrative and court and administrative proceedings at every stage.

Due dilligence

- In the case of a takeover, merger or purchase of another entity, as well as planned capital investment, we carry out due diligence audits. They consist in obtaining and analysing information about the entity within the scope determined in an agreement with the customer. - The main objective of a due diligence audit is to identify the most important issues related to the transaction, which enable the customer to take the most rational decision. - Due diligence report also provides irrefutable arguments in the process of negotiating a contract of sale/purchase, and also helps in the implementation of solutions that are to help to prevent breach in future.

Real estates

- We offer advice and comprehensive services for real estate transactions, including legal assistance related to the legal level of the investment process, as well as property management. - We are also engaged in issues related to regulations of legal status of the property.


- We provide comprehensive guidance to IT entities. These include both entities producing software for clients and entities creating technology for their own use. We offer consultancy in the field of security, transferring and claims for infringement of intellectual property rights. - We prepare contracts related to the widely understood transfer of intellectual property rights to other entities, as well as agreements on: licensing, implementation or agreements establishing co-ownership of intellectual property rights. We also help in determining the contribution capacity of rights to produced works and proper introduction of rights to these works as contribution to commercial partnerships or companies.

Personal data protection

- On request, we carry out audit of data processed by the client, data sets used in the course of business, manner and scope of data processing and systems used in the processes. - We create documentation of the structure of the manner of using personal data files. - We advise our clients on how to protect personal information collected in their business. - We assist in determining the Personal Data Controller and assignment of the Data Security Controller and IT Systems Controller. - Where appropriate, we conduct training on the essential issues and provide templates of documentation to be used in the daily work with personal data. - We also provide legal support for the registration of personal data files.

Labour law

On request, we prepare projects of internal documentation of the employer. We advise both employers and employees in the selection of the optimal form of employment.


- We provide full service for e-commerce entrepreneurs. - We advise on choosing the appropriate organizational structure to carry out a given type of activity, helping to create regulations and relevant, industry-specific policies. - We advise on consumers' rights issues, including guarantees or warranties for defects in sold goods.


- We support non-governmental organizations, ranging from the legal and tax analysis to choose the optimal form of business, through assisting in daily running of the entity in formal and organizational dimension, to obtaining the statute of a public benefit organization and further development. - We act for non-governmental organizations before all state bodies and advise on obtaining financing.