As part of TAL, we have many years of experience in auditing financial statements of limited and personal companies. For our clients, we provide knowledge on the property and financial conditions of the company, allowing to make rational strategic business decisions.

Auditing financial statements

- Auditing is carried out in accordance with national auditing standards issued by the Polish National Council of Certified Auditors and International Standards on Auditing. - We conduct studies of consolidated financial statements in capital groups. - We communicate in English, and, on request, we prepare the report and opinion in this language.


We have an extensive experience in preparing valuations of companies and enterprises. We carry out valuations with the individual method of preparing valuation for the purposes of: - changes in the legal form, - changes in the investment form, - purchase or sale of businesses and shares, - ownership transformation, - mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies, - control – goodwill assessment.

Due diligence

On behalf of a potential investor, we perform a complete analysis of the financial condition of an entity. As part of the work, we carry out a detailed analysis of financial statements, financial risks and an assessment of the impact of concluded agreements and detected irregularities on the value of the investment.

Business planning

We advise on internal budgeting and offer our support in drawing up plans for the business. We have many years of experience in the preparation of such plans, particularly for obtaining external financing and conducting feasibility studies.


- We provide comprehensive services in the field of transformation and restructuring of business entities. - We prepare a concept of reorganization of the business along with the financial and tax impact of the chosen form of business reorganization. We carry out the whole process including registration of changes in the National Court Register and accounting and tax advice in terms of settling the reorganization.

Accounting advisory

We advise on the accounting aspects of doing business both for entities applying the Accounting Act or International Accounting Standards and for entities using simplified forms, e.g. tax revenue and expense ledger

Management accounting

The services in the field of management accounting and controlling allow a wise and conscious business management. Through these services, the customer receives reliable and objective data about his or her business that enable to have a complete control over the financial situation of the company and the ability to quickly respond to changing conditions.